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Want to work at SoftArtisans?

SoftArtisans is a dynamic, supportive, innovative company. See below for open positions!

Current Openings:

 arrow Account Executive/Sales Representative  arrow Developer
 arrow Systems Engineer  arrow Web Application Developer (New Grad)
Internship Program
Feels small, thinks big. Dynamic. Supportive. Innovative. Convivial. Quirky. We’re a smart, successful software company built on brains, not gimmicks, and we aim to keep it that way. Be your background in computational statistics or graphic design, user experience or journalism, if you’re a quick-thinking, risk-taking team player, we probably want to talk to you. But before we do, we suggest you get to know us by:
arrow Interacting with us (or just admiring our extracurricular hiijinks) on Facebook
arrow Chatting with us (or about us!) on Twitter
arrow Connecting with us on LinkedIn
arrow Watching us make awkward faces on YouTube
arrow Follow our Culture, Conferences, and Outings via #SoftArtisans on Instagram
arrow Reading our minds on our Blog

You had me at hijinks. So what's it like to work here?


We’re a close-knit group, presently about 30 strong. Most of us live in the Boston area. We eat, drink, and play foosball, soccer, and StarCraft together. We hold hackathons, we go on group retreats, we even hang out after-hours of our own free will! Most of us work from around 10-6, some of us work from 9-5 or 8-4. We like Agile, though we've been to Niagara. Some of us have our own offices, some of us share offices, some of us work in the open office. There are no hammocks, but there is a nap room. Attending conferences and taking classes is encouraged. Amassing new skills is encouraged. Voicing your opinion is encouraged.
Still interested? You can browse our open positions. If you don’t see one that fits but know you’d be a good fit, tell us why.